What can a workflow management software do for you?

Enterprises are always looking for ways to improve operational intelligence, automate wherever possible and embrace productivity. As organizations grow in size, it becomes difficult to manage workflows across business units and there is a need for automating all existing complex processes within the enterprise to improve efficiency. As a result, BPM market is fast emerging and is expected to reach a value of USD 4.5 billion by 2024 at a CAGR of 6.26%*.

Interchangeably called as the workflow management software can make your work life a lot easier. Read on further to discover how.

A Quintessential for your organizational process management needs

With workflow management software, you could go from ideas to products and concepts to solutions in no time. It simplifies deployment and helps you get a perspective of existing processes within the organization.

You could do so much more in your workspace:

• Manage and monitor various tasks successfully from due diligence to closure.
• Make individuals form work groups for collaborating with each other and do contextual discussions.
• Allows you to integrate your data with other systems.
• With the help of advanced analytics, generate visual reports like domain-centred charts or graphs to interpret your data better.

Let’s dive right in to see the business benefits you can reap from having a workflow management software in place.

Complex Event Processing

For a large enterprise, there are recognizable patterns and trends within the organization. There could be many events happenings within a short period and workflow management software can help filter and correlate these events. Through analysis of historical data, we can provide insights enabling faster solutions.

Case Management

With a lot of cases overflowing across the enterprise, we need to prioritize based on severity. Workflow management software can help you resolve issues taking place in every department of the organization in a more adaptive manner. Some of the use cases that you can handle with case management are:
• Incident Resolution
• Vendor or contract administration
• HR On-boarding
• Customer Service

Project Management

A workflow management tool can also act as a Project management tool helping you schedule, execute and monitor tasks. Makes it easier to manage teams and to keep track of time spent on tasks. It can also act as an administration system for Project managers to allocate resources, to manage budget and handling documentation.


Helps you to have a collective view on all recent posts and activities of your team members enabling Collaborative Work Management. You could run virtual organizations on the cloud with complete control enabling secure access and data privacy.


Workflow management software can work with nearly any third-party application, system and device without coding, making external data integration more streamlined and easier than ever before. You can initiate remote programs and let other systems to call down and consume your processes.


There is an increased focus in the industry to move from ‘System records’ which is organizational function data to ‘System engagement’ which is creating a set of rules for better interpretation of system data. An in-built analytical engine within the workflow management tool such as an iBPM [Intelligent Business Process Management] can help you observe trends by measuring valuable KPIs to make informed business decisions easily.

Start automating your workflows!

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